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Business Technology Management Best Practices
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Working Knowledge: Think! Apply!
"You're worse off relying on misleading information than on not having any information at all. If you give a pilot an altimeter that is sometimes defective he will crash the plane. Give him nothing and he will look out the window. Technology is only safe if it is flawless."
- Nassim Taleb
Business Technology Management Best Practices
Business Technology Management is the branch of management with focus on accelerating business performance through holistic and dynamic understanding of business management, business innovation, and business transformation. It is facilitated by creative use of new information and communication technologies.

Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management
Related Subject Portals: The KMNetwork   Knowledge Management Think Tank   Knowledge Management Tools and Technologies   Change Management   Knowledge Management   Intellectual Capital   Organizational Learning   Learning Organizations   Inquiring Organizations   Systems Thinking   Epistemology   Ontology   Philosophy and Technology   Philosophy of Science   Thomas Kuhn

Business Process Reengineering and Business Process Innovation
Related Subject Portals: BPR   Business Processes   Process Innovation   Reengineering   Balanced Scorecard   ERP   Enterprise Resource Planning   Enterprise Application Integration   Supply Chains   Value Chains   Workflows   Benchmarking   Best Practices   Process Improvement   Process Thinking   Six Sigma Quality   Quality Management   Total Quality Management   ISO 9000   Activity Based Costing   Continuous Quality Improvement   Kaizen

Complexity Theory and Complex Systems
Related Subject Portals: Complex Systems   Systems Thinking   Chaos Theory   Systems Dynamics   Adaptive Systems   Self Organization   Self Control   Autopoiesis   Autonomic Systems   Holonomic Systems   Nonlinear Dynamics   Complexity   Emergence   Fractals   Genetic Algorithms   Artificial Life   Complex Systems   Systems Thinking

Electronic Commerce and Electronic Markets
Related Subject Portals: e-Business   Electronic Commerce   Web Services   Small Business   Electronic Business   Electronic Markets   Electronic Payments   Process Reengineering   Knowledge Management   Customer Relationship Management   Supply Chain Management   Enterprise Resource Planning   Enterprise Application Integration   Internet   Intranets   Extranets   Enterprise Portals   Knowledge Portal   Application Service Providers   Managed Service Providers   Web Marketing   Internet Advertising   Online Services   Intellectual Property   Internet Security   Internet Privacy   Internet Law   Information Systems   Information Infrastructure   Wireless Internet   Data Management   Data Warehousing   Data Storage   Data Communications   RFID   ERP   CRM   EAI   OLTP   OLAP   WAP   Linux   XML   UDDI   P2P   B2B   B2C

Intellectual Property, Law and Technology
Related Subject Portals: Intellectual Property   Copyrights   Patents   Software Patents   Internet Patents   Trade Marks   Software Piracy   Copyright Infringement   Copyright Law   Patent Law   Trademark Law   Cyberspace Law   Internet Law   Computer Law   Trade Secrets  Fair Use   Digital Rights   Digital Assets   Digital Asset Management   Computer Fraud   Internet Fraud   Internet Abuse   Internet Scams   Internet Spam   Denial Of Service Attacks   Napster Law   File Sharing   Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

Information Infrastructure: Policy, Security, and Privacy
Related Subject Portals: Information Infrastructure   National Information Infrastructure   Global Information Infrastructure   e-Governance   Digital Governance  Internet Governance  e-Government  Digital Government  Information Policy   Internet Policy   Privacy Policy   Information Privacy   Internet Privacy   Internet Cookies   Information Security   Computer Security   Internet Security   Information Ethics   Computer Ethics   Internet Ethics   Internet Etiquette   Internet Trust   Internet Abuse   Internet Scams   Internet Economics   Internet Metering   Telecommunications Policy   Internet Regulation   Universal Access   Internet Law   Computer and Technology Law   Internet Crime   Computer Crime   Information Warfare   Internet Warfare   Cyber-Terrorism   Internet Terrorism   Intellectual Property   Virtual Communities

Virtual Corporations, Virtual Communities, and, Outsourcing
Related Subject Portals: Virtual Organization   Virtual Corporation   Virtual Enterprise   Virtual Office   Virtual Teams   Business Ecosystem   Virtual Communities   Communities of Practice   Telework   Telecommuting  Collaborative Learning   Collaborative Communication   Strategic Sourcing  Outsourcing   Insourcing   Application Service Provider (ASP)   Service Level Agreement (SLA)   Interorganizational Networks   Coopetition   Emergent Organization   Electronic Markets   Electronic Hierarchies   Electronic Brokerage   Electronic Auctions   Knowledge Exchanges   Transaction Costs   Coordination Costs

Intranets, Extranets, and Enterprise Information Portals
Related Subject Portals: Intranets   Extranets   Portals   Enterprise Portals   Enterprise Information Portals   Computer Supported Cooperative Work   Groupware   Collaborative Learning   Collaborative Communication   Collaborative Communication   Virtual Communities   Communities of Practice

Medical Informatics, Information Technology, and, Healthcare
Related Subject Portals: Healthcare   Healthcare Reform   Managed Care   HMO   Health Policy   Health Systems   Medical Informatics   Electronic Medical Record   Medical Records   Telemedicine   Medical Imaging   Healthcare Information Systems   Health Administration   Virtual Hospitals   Data Mining   Healthcare Industry   Healthcare Ethics   Patient Care   Healthcare Outcomes   Healthcare Quality   Ob-Gyn   Pediatrics   Trauma   Surgery   Neuroscience   Virology   Cancer   HIV-AIDS   Geriatrics   Disabilities

Research Methods, Pedagogy, and Education
Related Subject Portals: Knowledge Management   Education   Educational Technology   Distance Education   e-Learning   Training   Teaching   Teaching Portfolio   Testing   Classroom   Problem Solving   Learning   Thinking   Pedagogy   Andragogy   Constructivism   Constructionism   Peer Review   Scientific Writing   Technical Writing   Business Writing   Citation Styles   Research Journals   Scientific Journals   Digital Journals   Electronic Publishing   Copyrights   Fair Use   Plagiarism   Patents   Trade Marks   Trade Secrets   Theory   Scientific Inquiry   Research Methods   Research Design   Reliability and Validity   Game Theory   Information Theory   Grounded Theory   Delphi Method   Econometrics   Quantitative Research   Qualitative Research   Interpretive Research   Survey Research   Case Study Research   Action Research   Action Learning   Objectivism   Postmodernism   Hermeneutics   Humanism   Existentialism   Phenomenology   Transhumanism   Nihilism   Stoicism   Transdisciplinarity   Business Statistics   Statistical Methods   Decision Models   Psychometrics   Measurement Research   ANOVA   Regression Analysis   Nonparametric Statistics   Multivariate Statistics   Multidimensional Scaling   Data Mining   Structural Equation Modeling   Meta-Analysis

Internet Web Strategy & Design
Related Subject Portals: Information Infrastructure: Policy, Security, and Privacy   Intellectual Property, Law and Technology   History of Computers   History of Internet   Computing Glossaries   Webmaster Resources   Web Usability   Web Standards   Open Source Software   Web Scripts   Market Research   Internet User Surveys   Web Privacy   Domain Name Disputes   Internet Ethics   Internet Policy   Internet Privacy   Internet Security   Internet Etiquette   Internet Trust   Internet Abuse   Internet Scams

International Business & Technology
Related Subject Portals: World Research Portals On Frequently Asked Questions   Subject Portals on World Regions   Alphabetic Index of Countries   World Research Portals On Frequently Asked Questions   U.S. Newspapers   World Newspapers

Business Technology Jobs & Careers
Related Subject Portals: Chief Information Officer   Chief Technology Officer   Chief Knowledge Officer   Technology Careers   IT Careers   IT Salaries   IT Jobs   Labor Statistics   Salary Surveys   Relocation   Expatriates   Resumes   Job Interviews   Etiquette   Netiquette   Certifications   Associations   Societies   Education   Management   Strategy   Leadership   Human Resources   Business Technology   Knowledge Management   Information Systems   Organizational Learning   Learning Organizations   Systems Thinking

Information Systems Research
Related Subject Portals: Business Technology Research   e-Business Research   Knowledge Management Research   Information Systems   Operations Research   Decision Sciences   Management Science   Information Systems Research   Information Systems Theory   Information Systems Journals   Enterprise Architecture   IT Architecture   Data Architecture   Information Systems Evaluation   Capability Maturity Model   IT Spending   IS Quality   Information Systems Acceptance   IT Acceptance   IT Adoption   IT Diffusion   IT Productivity   IS Productivity   Information Technology ROI   Strategic Information Systems   Executive Information Systems   Decision Support Systems   Group Decision Support Systems   Management Information Systems   Transaction Processing Systems   Human Computer Interaction   Computer-Mediated Communication   Computer Supported Cooperative Work   Collaborative Computing   Information Resource Management   Data Management   Data Warehousing   Data Mining   Data Communications   Systems Theory   Information Theory   Systems Analysis   Systems Design   Object-Oriented Design   Object-Oriented Computing   Object-Oriented Systems   Joint Application Design   Rapid Application Development   Extreme Programming   Computer-Aided Software Engineering   Software Engineering   End User Computing   Informatics   Cybernetics   Artificial Intelligence   Expert Systems   Hypermedia   Multimedia   Other Topics in Computers and Information Technology

Philosophy of Science, Society, and Technology
Related Subject Portals: Aristotle   Francis Bacon   Auguste Comte   Confucius   René Descartes   John Dewey   Desiderius Erasmus   Paul K. Feyerabend   Michel Foucault   Georg Hegel   Martin Heidegger   Thomas Hobbes   David Hume   Edmund Husserl   William James   Immanuel Kant   Thomas Kuhn   Gottfried Leibniz   John Locke   Niccolo Machiavelli   Karl Marx   John Stuart Mill   Friedrich Nietzsche   Charles S. Peirce   Plato   Karl Popper   Jean Jacques Rousseau   Bertrand Russell   George Santayana   Jean Paul Sartre   John Searle   Adam Smith   Socrates   Spinoza   Wittgenstein

Human Computer Interaction
Related Subject Portals: Human Factors   Usability   Human Information Processing  Ergonomics   Repetitive Strain Injury   Cumulative Trauma Disorder   Repetitive Motion Injury   Graphical User Interface   Personal Information Management   Human Interaction Management   Computer Supported Cooperative Work   User-Centered Design   Ubiquitous Computing  

e-Business and Electronic Commerce
Concepts Applications and Industry Practices

Key Concepts
e-Business * Electronic Commerce * Small Business
* Electronic Business * Electronic Markets * Electronic Payments
* Information Systems * Information Infrastructure * Wireless Internet
* WAP * Linux * XML * UDDI * P2P

Enterprise Applications
* Process Reengineering * Knowledge Management
* Customer Relationship Management * Supply Chain Management
* Enterprise Resource Planning * Enterprise Application Integration
* Sales Force Automation * Point-of-Sale Software
* Transaction Processing * Analytical Processing

Intranets, Extranets, Portals
* Internet * Intranets * Extranets * Enterprise Portals * Knowledge Portal

Service Providers
* Application Service Providers * Managed Service Providers * Online Services

Marketing and Advertising
* Web Marketing * Internet Advertising * Interactive Marketing

Law and Technology
* Intellectual Property * Internet Security * Internet Privacy * Internet Law

Data Storage and Data Communication
* Data Management * Data Warehousing * Data Storage * Data Communications
* Storage Area Networks * OLTP * OLAP

Business Models and Business Strategy
* Business Model * B2B * B2C * Business Ecosystem
* Value Chain * Information Value Chain * Knowledge Chain
* Virtual Corporation * Virtual Organization * Virtual Teams
* Competitive Advantage * Business Strategy * Competitive Strategy

Communication, Collaboration, and, Coordination
* Enterprise Collaboration Management * Collaborative Learning
* Calendaring and Scheduling * Chat Software * Chat Systems
* Electronic Mail * Voice Mail * Faxing * Instant Messaging
* Video Conferencing * Teleconferencing * Voice Conferencing * Data Conferencing
* Electronic Meetings * Project Management * Workflow System

Technology Architecture
* Enterprise Architecture * Information Architecture * Data Architecture
* Network Architecture * Electronic Commerce Architecture

Authenticaion, Encryption,and, Personalization
* Access Control * Authentication * Online Security * Encryption
* Encryption Key * Digital Certificate * Digital Signature
* Profiling * Cookies * Personalization * Clickstream Data * Online Behavior

E-Commerce Store Management
* Search Engines * Search Technologies * Content Management
* Catalog Management * Configuration Management * Workflow Software
* Workflow Management * Document Management * Event Notification
* Content Routing * Transaction Messaging

e-Market Exchanges and Brokerages
* Internet Auctions * Internet Exchanges * Online Mediation
* Online Negotiation * Internet Bidding
* Collaborative Buying * Collaborative Manufacturing
* Online Community * e-Procurement * Online Trading

Electronic Payment Mechanisms and Means
* Online Payments * Electronic Payments * Shopping Cart
* Smart Card * Microtransactions * Electronic Funds Transfer
* Digital Cash * Cashless Transactions * Micropayments
* Secure Socket Layer (SSL) * Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)

Other Key Concepts and Applications
Related to E-Commerce and E-Business

Many of the key concepts, practices, and technologies related to Electronic Commerce and e-Business are listed below. Please click on the respective hyperlinks to do in-depth research using our 'Portal-on-Demand' public service. To read a short summary related to any of the items listed below, we recommend that you review many of the items listed here in Computerworld Quickstudies.

3G Wireless   64 bit computing   Accrual Accounting   Active Server Pages   ActiveX   Activity Based Costing   Advanced Encryption Standard   Affinity Marketing   After Hours Trading   Agent technology   Aggregators   Agile Manufacturing   Agile Programming   Applets   Application Programming Interface   Application Servers   Application Service Providers   Artificial Neural Networks   Aspect Oriented Programming   Asynchronous Transfer Mode   Authentication   Automated Clearing House   Balance Sheet   Balanced Scorecard   Bandwidth   Bankruptcy   Benchmarking   Binary Compatibility   Biometrics   BIOS   Blogs   Bluetooth   Bridge Financing   Buffer Overflow   Business Continuity Planning   Business Intelligence   Business Metrics   Business Process Outsourcing   Cable Modems   Cache Memory   Capability Maturity Model   Capital Assets   Cash Accounting   Change Management   Channel Conflicts   Checkpoint and Restart   Chip Multiprocessing   Customer Churn   Clustering   Collaborative Commerce   Common Gateway Interface   Common Information Model   Competitive Intelligence   Compilers   Convergence   Cookies   Copyright   CORBA   Corporate Barter   Corporate portals   Cost Center   Cost of Capital   Customer Acquisition Costs   Customer Profiling   Customer Relationship Management   Cycle Time   Data Compression   Data Mining   Data Models   Data Scrubbing   Data Visualization   Data Warehousing   Decision Support Systems   Demographic Segmentation   Denying Network Service   Depreciation and Amortization   Desktop Management Interface   Desktop videoconferencing resources   Digital Certificates   Digital Rights Management   Digital Signal Processor   Digital Signatures   Digital Subscriber Line   Digital versatile disc   Digital wallets   Digital Wrappers   Direct Access File System   Directory Services Markup Language   Discounted Cash Flow   Disintermediation   Distributed Component Object Model   DMCA   Document management   Domain Naming   DSML   Due Diligence   Dynamic HTML   Dynamic Link Libraries   EBITDA   E Business Models   E Commerce Benchmarking   E Commerce Distribution   E Commerce Patents   E Commerce Strategies   Economic Value Added   Electronic Government   E Marketplaces   Embedded Microprocessors   e Metrics   Emoticons and Internet Shorthand   Employee Stock Options   Encryption   Enterprise Application Integration   ERP   Extract Transform Load   Event Correlation   Extreme Programming   Fault Tolerant Computing   Fibre Channel   Fiduciary   Fighting Spam   File Transfer Protocol   Firewalls   Flow Manufacturing   Frame relay   GAAP   Generally Accepted Accounting Principles   Geographic information systems   Gigabit Ethernet   Globalization   GPS   Grid Computing   Handheld PCs   High Speed Serial Ports   Image Compression   IMAP   InfiniBand   Infomediary   Instant Messaging   Intangible Assets   Intellectual Capital   Intellectual Property   International frame relay   Internet Application Integration   Internet Protocol Security   Internet Protocol Version   Internet Service Providers   Interpreter   Intrusion Detection   Inventory Allocation   Inventory Turns   IP Multicasting   ISDN   Java   Java Applets   Java Database Connectivity   JavaBeans   Jini   Joint Application Development   Just in Time Learning   Just in Time Manufacturing   Kerberos   Kernel technology   Knowledge Management   LDAP   Leading Economic Indicators   Legal Entity   Linux   Load Balancing   Maintenance, Repair And Operations   Management Service Providers   Manufacturing Execution Systems   Market Capitalization   Market Valuation   Mass Customization   Massively Parallel Processing   Measuring Web Site Traffic   Memory Management   Message oriented middleware   Metadata   Micropayments   Microprocessor   Microsegmentation   Middleware   Mobile Commerce   MP3   MPEG Standards   Net Present Value   Netiquette   Network Address Translation   Network Appliances   Network Sniffers   Networking Hardware   Object enabled databases   OLAP   Online Profiling   OpenGL   Open Source Licensing   Optical Character Recognition   Optical Networking   P3P   Peer Group Analysis   Peer to Peer Network   Perl   Phishing   PHP   Point to point tunneling protocol   Policy based Networking   Presence Technology   Price to Earnings Ratio   Processes and Threads   Profit Center   Profit Multiples   Programming Languages   Project Portfolio Management   Proxy Servers   Public key encryption   Quality of Service   Quick Response   Radio Frequency Identification   Random Numbers   Random Access Memory   Rapid Development   Real Time Operating Systems   Real Time Reporting   Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks   Reintermediation   Relational Databases   Return on investment   Revenue Optimization Software   Reverse Mergers   Reverse Engineering   Risk Management   Rmon analysis   RosettaNet   SAML   Scalability   Scale Free Networks   Search Engines   Secure Electronic Transaction   Secure Sockets Layer   Server Partitioning   Service Level Agreements   Servlets   Session Initiation Protocol   Shared Services   Signal to Noise Ratio   Simple Network Management Protocol   Simple Object Access Protocol   Six Sigma   Smart cards   Smart phones   Spam   Speech Recognition   SPML   Spooling   Statement of Income   Steganography   Storage Resource Management   Storage Virtualization   Storage Area Networks   Strategic Management   Streaming technology   Structured Financing   Structured Query Language   Subordinated Debt   Supply Chain applications   Supply Chain Management   Sustainable Growth   SWOT Analysis   Symmetrical Multiprocessing   System Development Life Cycle   TCP/IP   The Learning Curve   Thin clients   Tool Command Language   Total Cost of Ownership   Transaction Processing   Transaction Servers   UCITA   UDDI   Universal Serial Bus   Value Based Pricing   Value Chain Management   Vendor Managed Inventory   Venture Capital   Video compression   Virtual Corporation   Virtual private networks   Viruses   VLIW Microprocessors   Voice over data networks   VRML   WAP   Web Caching   Web Content Management   Web Crawler   Web hosting   Web Personalization   Web Services   Web Site Globalization   WebDAV   WikiWikiWeb   WiMax   Wireless data technology   Wireless LANs   Wireless Markup Language   Wireless Security   Wireless Web Access   Writable DVD   XACML   xDSL   XHTML   XML  

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